Our Partners


Below is the list of our Partners


  1. National Endowment for Democracy (N E D) - Liberia
  2. Danish Government / UNDP –Liberia (Human Right Section)
  3. UNICEF – Liberia (Children Rights Division)
  4. Global Rights, Washington D C, Unites States of America
  5. Norwegian Human Funds – Norway
  6. African Women Development Fund (AWDF)


Below is the list of our Networking Partners

  1. Liberia Net working NGO (LINNK)
  2. Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development ( C H R A D) – Ghana - Please visit Website:  http://chrad.page.tl
  3. Human Rights Forum
  4. Liberia Network of HIV / AIDS (LINASO)
  5. Human Right Defenders of Liberia
  6. GCAP – Liberia
  7. Civil Society of Liberia

Source of Funding

  1. Projects Implementation
  2. Gift / Donation
  3. Board Contribution


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