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Empowering Rural Women for Economic Self Sufficiency

Morally and secularly speaking, no human being has a destiny in the realm of poverty, but, unfortunately, from time immemorial, poverty has plagued the Liberian society and undermined our sovereignty to the extent that even the outcomes of our national election have to be ratified by outsiders to determine their validity and for the incoming Government to qualify for international endorsement and support.


However, poverty is not alone in this mayhem. It is part of a vicious trio of foes namely poverty, illiteracy and disease which have ever been Liberia’s deadliest enemies. Late President Tolbert, in his state of the nation speech, once lamented the fatal existence of these enemies in the Liberian society saying “Liberia’s worst enemies are Disease, Illiteracy and Poverty (DIP)”.


Moreover, it is important and helpful for any solution-seeking endeavor to note that, of these so-called enemies, poverty is the leader and precursor of the other two (illiteracy and disease). Poverty has been the apparent cause of all the problems Liberia continues to endure; all the promiscuity, the burglary and the general insecurity we continue to face take their roots from poverty.


And in all of this, women and children suffer most. Women of all ages are stereotyped in most of the third world as weaklings and therefore not worthy of any say in the day to day running of society.


There have being virtually no economic freedom for women, obviously because in the face of poverty very few of them have any reasonable access to good education. When parents in Liberia are offered the opportunity, by any means, to educate some of their children, they go for the education of male children reserving the girls for unproductive teenage marriages. Such marriages have only worsened the economic situation of many families in Liberia.  This, of course, is an issue of culture which has also contributed to the low status of the women in Liberia particularly the rural communities where culture is given much attention.

Culturally, Liberia is a masculine dominant community where economic freedom is by no means the right of a woman lest they abandon their duties as housewives. It is clear from the foregoing that poverty, illiteracy, disease and culture have succeeded in pulling Liberian down economically by the preclusion over the years of the female community from taking a share in the all- important right to good education and other economic empowerment opportunities.

The Zorzor Women Care Inc. (ZODWOCA) is therefore an intervention to bail Liberia from the pit of economic slavery and the uncertainty of poverty through economic empowerment opportunities for the country’s potential business women in rural Liberia. It is also designed to restore the right of Liberia’s women to economic freedom, their dignity and to promote and protect the female gender in Liberia.

This mission has been fully supported by the women of Zorzor District-Lofa County, Liberia hence the name “Zorzor Women Care Inc.” with Acronym (ZODWOCA).

However, ZODWOCA caters for the Liberian women irrespective of tribal affiliation, religion etc.

ZODWOCA is registered and incorporated in Liberia as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) / Non profit Making Organization with the objectives of catering to the development need of women and children in Liberia and was certificated on December 20, 1994 and further accredited by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs of the Republic since February 1, 1996. of Liberia

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